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Ties were Lies

September 16, 2021
By Cafrost BRONZE, Burnsville, Mississippi
Cafrost BRONZE, Burnsville, Mississippi
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A couple of tears were shed throughout it,

Arguments that always seemed childish,

But for that mistaken reason; I admit

Our past relationship was stylish.

We were something more than just a nothing

My heart is nothing but frozen by lies

The continued moments we had to judge

Our tears were just some of our ties

The backstabbing and guilt got to you fast

Yet; you continued to be the worst shame

Our mistakes we made were in the past

But went on not speaking of your own name

We had some good and some challenging times

But everything turned out to be just lies

The author's comments:

This is about a relationship that tally went down the hill. There love fell out and sadly never gained it back. 

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