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July 19, 2021
By sasaga7 GOLD, Parsippany, New Jersey
sasaga7 GOLD, Parsippany, New Jersey
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trust yourself, believe yourself, and watch yourself grow

Everyone has a limit,

you cannot give or take more.

Know when it is time to quit,

let the words go and ignore.


Don’t take pressure for another person’s responsibility.

It’s their job and helping them gives you stress.

Stop taking orders miserably.

To take a break, set limits and stop saying Yes.

Say No when you can't take it anymore.

Say No when it's not your job.

Open a different and better door.

Change is hard but believe and turn the knob.

It’s hard to say, but it's true though,

treat yourself well and just say No.

The author's comments:

This is poem dedicated to my Aunt and everyone who works overtime just because their bosses tell them they have to work longer. It's not good for health to work late at night and start working early in the morning. I hope that any company sees this and starts giving their employees time to sleep. Employees have a life so let them live it. Work is work. It should'nt be labor nor should it be done when it's not even a person's shift. To all companies: If you can't do it yourself, you better not make anyone do it for you. I request them to learn that the people who work for them are people. Those people have a life and they need something called sleep. They cannot (and will not) work when they shouldn't because you don't pay however much they want. 

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