Closer: Part 1

March 1, 2018
By EvG1762 BRONZE, Odessa, Washington
EvG1762 BRONZE, Odessa, Washington
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Give me your hand and carry on today
There’s no use letting your life fade away
Keep moving forward, fight through the pain
Let go of every harsh memory
Living like this is the opposite of bliss
Fake a smile every day, just to go and cut your wrists
If anybody sees it then you’ll make up some excuse
But in the end, you’re leading yourself closer to the noose
Because in the end, all we are is shadows of our lives
And in the end, all we have is what we have inside
All our hearts have to give are pieces of ourselves
And now you want to take that by taking yourself
Curiosity compels me to ask how it got so bad
When it seems like just a year ago, I’d never seen you sad
In such a short time, you’ve gone and turned it all around
And now you’re hurting everyone with every tearful frown
I wonder where the happiness and smiling faces go
When agony and misery cause the loss of hope
I hope that I will see you break the chains of this curse loose
Before you lead your soul and body closer to the noose
Now we’re here, standing clear of any happy thing
Now you want to end your life, to hear your freedom ring
But maybe it’s not so bad, as you make it seem
Maybe you could come back, before the ones who love you watch you bleed

I just want to help you, but you’re so far away
Every time I hear you speak, your voice just fades away
I can’t believe the girl I knew is now falling apart
I hope that I can save you from your broken heart
I see the scars caused by a thousand painful memories
And I hear the beauty of your unsung melodies
If only you could live your life in never-ending joy
If only you could feel like you weren’t treated like a toy
If only I knew what to say to change how you feel
Or understand what makes your life so painful of ordeal
Your pretty smiles and innocence are what I crave to see
Because the tears and melancholy you show is killing me
Maybe in another life, we’ll live without a care
In a future world when all the bad things simply aren’t there
Maybe then, I’ll see the beauty of an undamaged you
Before and after everything hides the simple truth

Most of me is certain that I know how to help
But the last little bit is so unsure
Most of you is aching just to find help
But the rest of you is so sure
That help isn’t coming
And your life’s practically already gone
I just ask that you trust me
I’ll show you where it all went wrong
Now you’ll see what your world means to me
Now you’ll know the trouble
I want to see you happy, but not just for me
Let me burst your bubble
The world isn’t as bad as it seems
You just have to find what makes it worthwhile
Happiness isn’t only in dreams
It’s everywhere, trust me there, and please just crack a smile…

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