February 19, 2018
By Summer_R_Quinn PLATINUM, Madison, South Dakota
Summer_R_Quinn PLATINUM, Madison, South Dakota
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You think my life is a charade;
That I want to be a renegade;
We could be more than friends;
Let's see how this one ends.

And just the smell of you;
Is an intoxicating brew;
You may not be so tall;
But you come when I call.
And your beautiful eyes;
They shine so bright;
Put aside the lies;
You know that this is right.

My eyes, they follow you;
My body does too;
I hear you whisper my name;
It won't bring you shame.
I've seen the way you look at me;
You're blue eyes all glittery;
No matter what you say;
You leave my heart fluttery.

I'm sorry that I must go;
I will be back one day;
And I want you to know;
I have something to say.
This is not a goodbye;
And I love you too.

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