Four Seasons

February 3, 2018
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Culled the soft petaled rose,cupped delicately

Offered it to me,as my cheeks took its colour

In a rich spring, he took my hand earnestly

Eyes were met,hearts of fondness, even fuller

Summer gripped the Spring, snapped ruthlessly

Sun scorched a little, I pondered the feller

Doubt held my mind,to grasp first love hesitantly

Heat burned my form and heart, pain was buller

Folioles couln't stay more,dried, weakened, fell sickly

So did the worlds we built, hopes gone in a cellar

Autumn besieged soon,seeing us was prickly

Our pre-taken paths were hidden,my heart was nuller

Whiteness capsuled the streets we wandered, mercilessly

Coldness froze my heart, not tears, the alltime dweller

We never met anon, never talked nor saw us latterly

Winter was endless,cold stung, oppressively chiller

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