January 22, 2017
By getdude56 ELITE, Carlisle, Pennsylvania
getdude56 ELITE, Carlisle, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
Scenery is nothing more than poetry.
Love is nothing more than chemicals.
'Cause fairy tales are just scribbled pages filled with happy endings and little white lies.
One person can make a difference, but a crowd can make a change.

Do you ever get the urge you don't feel like you're good enough?

Trying to shine like a diamond but you keep having it rough?
So you withdrawal a bottle from under your bed,
Praying you can drink away the troubled thoughts in your head.
Maybe you pop a pill, two, three, even forty-four,
Until you're lying motionless on the bathroom floor.
Because you just want a chance at ridding the pain,
Release all the pressure that's put on your brain.
They ask me how do I do it?
Being the hero every day, every minute.
'Cause I always sport the symbol on my chest,
It's just sometimes I wanna hang up my cape and hope for the best.
But I go on with my day because that's what they all expect,
They don't see all this pain I reflect.
Yeah, I gloat I'm indestructible, I'm made of steel,
That's when they all forget I'm human, that I'm real.
I do something nice but someone else takes the credit,
Pretend I don't care, but that doesn't cut it.
'Cause you've never walked a day in my shoes,
Don't know all the things in my life I've had to lose.
I could write a novel based off of my life,
Count all the times I've been stabbed in the back with a knife.
But nobody would read it, nobody seems to care,
When you need a soul the most, they're never there.
It's like you're lost and all you wanna be is found,
Reaching out with your voice but it's a silent sound.
Lying in bed staring up at the ceiling,
Wishing you could figure out just how you're feeling.
We have different minds but share the same thoughts,
When you think you're free you just get caught.
Back in the problems that never seem to resolve,
But life keeps spinning, it continues to revolve.
It doesn't slow down for you, not even for a second,
'Cause you can work hard, but still never get what you wanted.
And when you're finally pushed to the peak of the summit,
You let lose a scream for the entire world to hear, 'cause you've just reached your limit...

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