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I`ll Get By

May 6, 2016
By C.Porter PLATINUM, St. Petersburg, Florida
C.Porter PLATINUM, St. Petersburg, Florida
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Don`t give up on trying to make friends. Even if you feel like you`l never be able to hangout with your other classmates don`t give up.

I`ll get by as long as I 

have you, though there be rain

and darkness too, I`ll see it through.


Poverty may come to me, its true.

But what care I? All I need to 

live is you.


I`ll get by, you know why? Its you,

your the only way that I can live.

I no longer need this shiv.


Though the world has fallen through,

I`ve stayed alive. So that I can find

that life is you.

The author's comments:

It just came to me in the middle of class.

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