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Down (Revenge)

July 20, 2014
By Emeraldess PLATINUM, Columbus, Georgia
Emeraldess PLATINUM, Columbus, Georgia
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Living the moment for the moment. yolo

Oh how silly of me
To think that you really believed
I guess its never crossed my mind
to tread deep waters carefully.

Its not for the cause, its not for the code, its not for the ones in silence, or the sins you own.

Its all about me , I think I'm going crazy.
But soon you'll see, why don't why you don't mess with little me...
You put me down
You talked me down
You pushed me down
You beat me down and now...

Whos laughin now X2= (sing chorus twice)

The jokes you
Your reigns at an end
I died a-long time ago and its time for revenge.


How, how can I...
Ever be sane
I think I like me this way...

You talked me down
You pushed me down
You beat me down
On to the ground and now...
and now...

I'm gonna rise up
Your hits can't hurt me anymore.
I have to concur, I love seeing you tortured...oh yes!


Oh, are you hurting my dear
I bet you, wanna disappear.
Your close, oh so close to the edge

And I think, I think its time for REVENGE......

I'll be a falling angel, I'll be a falling angel, A smiling falling angel, when it all goes...
Who. Is. Laughing. NOW.....
(laughing, in back ground)
Who's laughin now
Ha, ha, ha... Ha, who?

The author's comments:
this piece is for those people who need some fire in their hearts. You don't have to take anything from anyone. If they won't help you through your struggles move on. And if they hurt you fight back! Just remember punch hit harder than words but ink lasts longer. (This is not to suggest physical violence under any circumstances)

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