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Unenthused Friendship

May 25, 2013
By ephemeral GOLD, Park City, Utah
ephemeral GOLD, Park City, Utah
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"All that is gold does not glitter/Not all those who wander are lost/The old that is strong does not wither/Deep roots are not reached by the frost"

We put our hands out the sunroof
To catch sunlight but you only did so and danced
Because I did

Laughing with all of my back and
Nearly choking on icy slush from your wallet
Ask my why we’re friends, I’ll squint

The same? Do I like you and do you feel--
We are two averages sitting on a dandelion hill
Bonding by showering insults

You never have a ride, so I drive because I’m bored
We fall into step because we know each other’s basics
But to what result?

I foresee the rift we’ll know when we’re no longer
Together by circumstance, but I’ll admit we had fun even
Though it was never shared

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