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Stop Right Now

October 26, 2012
By ClaireBearH PLATINUM, McLean, Virginia
ClaireBearH PLATINUM, McLean, Virginia
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I see a girl at lunch, sitting all alone
Crying cause someone thought it was cool to be mean
I see a guy, talking on the telephone
After a hard day at school, He’s upset and no one’s seeing
Cause the kids that are “in”
You think they got to win
They’ve got all the power
But this isn’t over

Yeah, it’s not fair, can’t be allowed
This circle stops here, stops right now
Cause you can always do something
If you would only stop running
They aren’t as scary as they seem to be
And if you turn round and face them, you’ll see
Bullies are just like the rest of us
Searching for love
Everyone’s hurting
So stop and look, because
The circle stops here, stops right now

I see tears of the kids who've been hurt by a "friend"
I feel the pain of the outcasts, the ones with no hope
I know they're wondering, wonderin, does this ever end
Gotta realize the problem, cause this ain't a joke
Cause the kids that are "cool"
They make all the rules
They make others feel lame
It's time to put them to shame

So put a stop stop stop
Just make them drop drop drop
All the mean words words words
They say to hurt hurt hurt
We're done with all of that
We used to never ask
"why can't we get along?"
So come on...
The circle stops here, stops right now

The author's comments:
Bully is a frequent and disturbing problem. We have to take a stand to stop it.

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