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August 4, 2012
By TraceBatWingsAndBrokenStrings DIAMOND, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
TraceBatWingsAndBrokenStrings DIAMOND, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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"This gun has stopped time in its tracks, has altered the course of our fate. Destiny is shattered and timeless. Closed eyes feel the cold winds embrace."
-Avenged Sevenfold


I remember when the world was pure and full of light.
I remember when noxious smoke didn't cloud the skies.
It seems that we can longer make things right.
It seems that we have hit the point where light must die.

Well, Mother Earth is crying.
And all of us are trying
To save the world. Well, that's a far-off wish.

Pollute the air and rape the land.
A world we'll never understand.
So why must we end it?

Suck down the toxic fumes and choke on the air you breathe.
Witness the end of all and live in surreality.

I remember when seas weren't filled with trash and disgust.
I remember when forest's weren't layered with poisonous dust.
It seems that we have been overtaken by lust.
It seems that we have made consumption a must.

Well, the planet is bleeding.
And yet we are needing
to feed our addiction. What's wrong with us?

The system is collapsing.
And yet we keep relapsing
from our addiction. What's wrong with us?

Cancer infects your blood as you swim the open seas.
Witness the end of all and live in surreality.

We love the taste of our impending doom.
So pump out more toxins, and let the rape resume.
Destruction looms as we burn our life away.
The acidic ashes fall like rain. It's Judgement Day.

We've made our future. We've made the perfect disease.
Witness the end of all and live in surreality.

Perfect surreality.

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Hbaff GOLD said...
on Aug. 17 2012 at 8:03 pm
Hbaff GOLD, MErrimack, New Hampshire
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Maybe if i stare he'll come faster.

this is soooo true and i agree on what your point is! good job on this!