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Catchy Radiation

July 20, 2012
By LoveKills GOLD, Niantic, Connecticut
LoveKills GOLD, Niantic, Connecticut
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And people say we wear tight jeans and dye our hair. That doesnt mean we can't scream or make loud noise.

The world is cold and getting colder
it's a crime to even become a person, bolder
acting like what the TV says we should be
the kids looking up to drugs and sex
drinking all day the youth is stuck with a hex
unsure how to be their self's
locked in a dungeon waiting to open up the cells
this jail that our generation is stuck in is not a place for me
when I discovered the true power of music when i was only 14
my mind was blown, my thoughts were on the wall
i was done being the systems talking doll
Just one pill, just one drugs they told me to take
I smiled and laughed being no good than anyone else
just being a pure fake
the power of the beat changed me and it can replace all the drugs
So open your eyes to the world
empty those cop webs, that dust, clean out those bugs
Cause when it comes to it you were born you
Don't fake that cause you want to die you
not some copy of this messed up new nation
our minds are under an innovation
It's a war for your thoughts and they are taking you out with catchy radiation
Zombies of the radio
Don't even know what a newspaper is
Whatever happened to wanting to be a new Palladio?

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