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Our Pledge

July 11, 2012
By 14hipkri PLATINUM, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
14hipkri PLATINUM, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
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"Is that when you get you're thinger off you're thinger?"-Eric Stopper

The sounds of tomorrow,
And the history of yesterday,
Reminds us of one thing,
Not everything stays.

Kids at heart,
We cry out,
"Let us live!"

Grown in age,
We show them,
"we are your kids!"

Darkened reminders,
Don't kill us out,
We all deserve to live,
It's your price to pay now.

This anthem is our pledge,
We'll show them to the very edge.
Let them in on our pain,
But won't let them win.

*heavy music starts*

We are the future,
We are the past,
We build our bridges,
We wear our masks!

Built by our mistakes,
We base the future off of you,
Nothing left to take,
But your shattered remains will do.

We are here, We are here, We are here!

Live! Life! Grow!
Live! Life! Show!

This is our pledge!
To the edge!

The edge of time!
The edge of time!
The edge of time!

These broken lies!
And battered mistakes!
Shattered promises!
Never retake!

This is our pledge!

*guitar solo*


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