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March 24, 2012
By MysticIndigo SILVER, Kent, Ohio
MysticIndigo SILVER, Kent, Ohio
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Mockingbird, mockingbird,
Bring me a dream
Where everything is beautiful and my thoughts are clean.
And mockingbird (x2),
Help me understand,
Why so many things happen that aren't fixable by my hand.

Show me to love.
Help me be less jelous, more grateful and kind.
Andvwhen that city boy holds het hand,
Help me to understand.

And mockinbird(x2),
Don't leave me alone.
I'm cold, restless and worthless of any of your song. So please, please let me tag along and follow your lyrics so i can carry on.

Rows of light fill the sky.
It trickles through the clouds,
And reminds me.

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