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December 10, 2011
By M.Young SILVER, Santa Cruz, California
M.Young SILVER, Santa Cruz, California
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Should I think it profound
My shouts at the mountain create echos with no sound
My own thoughts resonate with noise
A mindless drone I must learn to enjoy
Forgetting the blowing leaves and flowing streams
Distant memories that were once in my dreams

Should I think I’m a fool
Wandering eyes look at me but see shadows of you
How could I know, how could I see
Your roots have grown quite deep into me
Forget the long-standing fortified walls
I just want to forget it all

What am I supposed to think about you
You say I don’t know you but you know I really do
Dark blue water collides with the sky
What was the point if you’re not gonna try
There is no return, no more being saved
Continuing to fight isn’t always what’s brave

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