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This Little Love Game

October 26, 2011
By BrokenWingsofVanityAndWax PLATINUM, Centennial, Colorado
BrokenWingsofVanityAndWax PLATINUM, Centennial, Colorado
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(Verse 1) It's simple love,
It doesn't play by the rules,
But yet we keep playin' the game,
Just playin' with fire till we get ourselves burned.

(Chorus 1) Everyday we're tryin' to make it right,
Can't they see how we're breakin' up?
Everyday we're tryin' to make it up.
Even when everything is wrong.

(Verse 2) These promises you held,
Burned your hands,
And reminded you of the game you set out to play.

( Chorus 2) Everyday we're trying to make it right,
Can't you see how we're just fallin' apart now?
Everyday we're tryin' to make it through,
Even when we know we can't.

(Verse 3) You cry a million tears,
But say you're fine,
Maybe you'll wake up for once.

(Bridge) Every hour you waste, is another earned by this little love game,
Don't pour out a river of tears,
It doesn't change anything,
So don't hold your heart out for anyone.

(Chorus 3) Every time you whisper his name you pour salt into the wounds,
Time doesn't always heal the hurt,
That we all get when we play this little love game.

(Verse 4) Leave it,
Don't play,
Casue if you jump it won't always jump after you too.

(Chorus 4) If you die,I die too,
The little love game is confussing,
But I love you all the same.

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