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October 18, 2011
By DantesDilemma SILVER, Fort Myers, Florida
DantesDilemma SILVER, Fort Myers, Florida
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"Human beings are free, except when humanity needs them.

I want to fade away
Can’t stand to be myself
Sunset dissolves the day
When I am someone else

Fall back into the arms
That laid me down to rest
A sleepless night begins
Cold hands steal away my breathe

So break away
Shattered and ground
Into dust
Thrown away
Scattered around
Within the dust

We encompass all
We transcend life itself,
I’m not someone else,
And I refuse to be myself

I want to give away
Everything I’ve been,
Shadows come what may,
Lose my virtue and my sin.

So slip away,
Something new found
Buried in dust.
Just hide away,
Lose yourself
Within the dust.

Leave an empty slate
These sorrows I won’t miss
Destroy both love and hate
Leave only that which is.

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