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August 10, 2011
By fun_amy_lynn PLATINUM, Winnipeg, Other
fun_amy_lynn PLATINUM, Winnipeg, Other
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"You are a brilliant man."
"No, a brilliant man would know how to not start a war."

-Pearl Harbor (movie)

wishing to be falling, that sense of weightless bliss.
but all you care about now, is the people that you miss.

the problem with that is, the people are still here.
waiting for you to see that, we all still love and care.

it's time that you know, and it's time that you hear.
that we haven't changed, but chose to face our fear.

we grew more then you wanted, we found who we are.
and that person we have made for ourselves, is powerful and strong.

we want you back, we want you to see.
that all that's changed now, is wanting just us to be.

we found we like our learnings, even if they where hard,
and you were there though most of it, and now you aren't.

we miss you more then you could ever know, and we hate to lose you,
but if that's the path you choose, we will try to make the mistakes few.

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