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This Cold World

January 7, 2011
By Nick121 BRONZE, Manhasset, New York
Nick121 BRONZE, Manhasset, New York
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Why is the world so cold?
The way it spins and it twirls
Why does it have to be this way?
Cuz people think in different ways

So why is the world so cold?
There is a war going on in Iraq
There are slow deaths quick deaths
Robberies auto theft and this world got nothing left
But us so in us we must trust
So how do we fix this?
We to do it nice and slick
We need a simple Arithmetic
We need to make a rubric
So we have a formula
And pay attention to this lesson
Time is of the essence
You better not second guess it
We have to change our train of thought
We have to forget what we bought
And how do we fight diss
Everything we need and want has to be priceless
On top of a lot of things
Global warming is storming
The birds that are soaring are now dropping
Stores are stopping people stop shopping
People losing money jobs being lost
People can’t keep up with the loss
People being bossed
People’s lives going to frost
And every once in while
There are lives being lost
And most of the time
We can’t keep up with cost.
We have these people with millions, billions
And the government with trillions
But don’t want to spend a buck
Don’t want to help out
But to help is what it’s all about
And we don’t have a universal remote
That can fast forward time that hasn’t been wrote
Our world is going into a stroke
We must not provoke
It isn’t a joke
were a small fish
In a big pond
We can’t swing a magic wand
And expect all of our problems
To be gone

The author's comments:
this a rap but the chorus is sung. the reason that inspired me to write this was that i had a vision the world be being more civilized and under controll.

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