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my surrender

December 13, 2010
By summerdreamer PLATINUM, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
summerdreamer PLATINUM, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
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" Love isn't about loving someone who's perfect, it's about loving someone perfectly."
- I dont know who came up with it, I just saw it somewhere on facebook hehe

I cryed
every night
believed in
i woulda stade forever
if u hadn't been
oblivious to my surrender
hey yeah

if you culda seen
how desperately I breathed
how loud i screamed
how long I stayed
just for you to leave
cuz i trusted you
believe when ya said I love you
i thought I wasn't the only one
didn't know we where coming undone
ya so I still


so what do i do now
I got no where to go
no one to be
because I built myself
around the devil
you showed me u cud be
Im the same girl
i was 3 yrs ago
no best friends
no love to express


and now I see
that we where but cant be
meant to be
and your guna look bak and say d***
I really loved that girl
ur gunna wish
that ud had never left me
with another guy to kiss

and I don't
(chorus backwards)

oblivious surrender
no you never cared
now u got her
but thats ok
cuz vie got your best friend baby

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