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Go Away

October 5, 2010
By GoogleYourFace PLATINUM, Tayor, Texas
GoogleYourFace PLATINUM, Tayor, Texas
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--Miranda Lambert "New Strings"

So this is it
Another day of
Being held in your arms
Feel your hands on mine

But times must end
As dawn rises again

Set myself up
To watch me break
Gasping for a breath
Some sort of escape
Whiskey makes the pain fade
But nothing makes you
Go away ooh
Go away

School time and your sitting here
I smile at you, you smile back too
it's a simple thing, baby you and me but
I can't say that I know what to do

But all is lost this time
As those school bells chime

Set myself up
To watch me break
Wishing I had you
Be my escape
You don't see-you make the fear fade
But I really hope nothing makes you
Go away
Ooh don't go away

The author's comments:
He never went away :)

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