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August 17, 2010
By Afterglow_Written BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
Afterglow_Written BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
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Things always seem
as if they are the same,
never are they understandable.
Yet we continue
We continue to go on,
move away and keep living.

It isn't a matter of hatred
whether the skin is black or white.
No longer do we care,
we don't care about the who
just to know we aren't alone.
Yet we live,
we live and laugh
and continue to love.

Never will we end
the people have obtained strengths
unlike any other.
Hide our shame,
show only the fearful fame.
This is how we survive
we survive and make it through
we live to continue.

Stretch the limits
no longer shall we be held
at the sky high
we shall continue to space.
Live outside this world,
the world we have created.
Everyone dies
we die and go on
while others live on.
Replaced by the new,
this circle we have
the have the circle of life.

We continue
continue to live
live to survive
survive to die,
to make life better
for those not yet here.

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