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123, i love you

April 28, 2010
By effortlesslove BRONZE, Westminster, Maryland
effortlesslove BRONZE, Westminster, Maryland
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"A friend is someone who can sing the song in your heart when you have forgotten the words"i

His eyes are like the deep blue sea
i could swim forever but i forget i have to breathe
when we dance its crazy it's like a cat chasing a mouse, but when he laughs i seem not to worry about nothing else
when we sing together were sunny and cher we can talk for hours through a day and when you tell me im forever yours i know i can say i can feel the same way so hold your breath, count to 3 and ill tell you what i mean
(chorus) 1,2,3 I'm forever yours and believe me boy i want to be your girl, so just hold me tight for the rest of our lives and baby boy ill be just fine, so here it comes what I'm about to tell
1.2.3 i love you and now i know that was hard to do and now i know i can always tell you 1.2.3 i love you

Verse 2
we walk i feel my heart sinking into the ground and i stop and i hear my hearts making no sound,
because are the things you do to me, so it here it comes here we go take a deep breath do the count down and ill tell you why i need you in my arms now


1.2.3 I love you

The author's comments:
" Colbie Caliet's song's inspired me to write this one

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