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An Angel's wings

March 13, 2010
By Roserietta GOLD, Ft. Madison, Iowa
Roserietta GOLD, Ft. Madison, Iowa
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Angel, Angel, Your wings so white...
Won't you come sleep with me tonight?
The angel, a girl, says no, I don't think so.
The man, a predator, takes her away, away into the night.
Even though she has wings, she doesn't take flight.
He's clipping her wings, you see, don't you know?
Her little wings, once white,
are now red and out of sight.
This man, this beast, is going in for the kill,
by giving her pills.
The little girl, thinking they will take her pain away.
Takes them and sways...
Her vision blurred, her thighs bruised, her heart stops,
The man laughs alot.
Her little wings, once clipped and red,
grow back, from when they were clipped in the bed.
Her wings, big and white, her halo so light.
She leaves this planet, in no rush.
leaving her body in mush.
In heaven she sings,
My, oh my, I still have my wings.
Who this little girl is, I'm not going to lie,
I don't know but they like to fly.
Millions of little girls and little boys,
go through this everyday, leaving their toys.
Having their wings clipped, then given back,
Though they leave with bodies in sacks.
I will never forget them,
those little kids,
whose coffins lids,
closes with slams,
If I dig my toes into sand,
I can feel them, those angel wings,
through my shirt,
since I have some too, little white wings.
But they've never been clipped. Never in this cruel game.

The author's comments:
I felt sad about a girl from here who had been caught with an internet predator, and then this came tumbling out.

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