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can't wait

February 12, 2010
By SabrinaCandy SILVER, Beirut, Texas
SabrinaCandy SILVER, Beirut, Texas
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can't wait to sing my first song
can't waitto rock on
where thousands boys takin my photos
puttin my posters on their wall
i know i have to wait for so long
to see everyone havin my pics on the phone
makin my copy doll
can't wait to be a pop star
paparazzi followin my car
maybe my dreams are far
but i believe i'll reach'em someday
i won't let anyone come in my way
i have nothin to hide
so i'm gonna justride
now that's what i'm waitin for..
but when i'll arrive i'll be dreamin mush more
i'm gonna rock the stage
takin the microphone
i'll be shinin like a light
i'll be lookin so bright
people will pay hundred dollars
and others may pay their life
just bein in hallywood
can make me in happy mood

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