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Our Bridges

February 6, 2010
By midnight_compositions SILVER, Portland, Oregon
midnight_compositions SILVER, Portland, Oregon
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Favorite Quote:
"An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind." - Gandhi

In a time when words are dying
And notes have numbered hours
Originality’s crying
And gold is gaining power

We are lost in our heads
We’re forgetting our hearts
Our throats are raw from the screaming
In search of a voice; our part
If we make it through this breakdown
I will sing once again
I will unzip my conscience
I will let me shine out

In a time when love is nothing
But a fake cliché of poets
And fame is more than something
It’s time to let them know it

The spotlight, it blinds us
We tear at our eardrums
Our throats are raw from screaming
In search of a voice; the hum
If I ever hear a lyric
That’s written from a soul
I will peel off my mask then
I will let me shine out

You say: how can there be darkness
When our world is full of stars?
But talent’s nothing we can harness
It is nothing that is ours

We’ve ripped apart our instincts
We’ve broken the foundation
Our throats are raw from screaming
In search of a voice; creation
If we can heal these scars now
I will step down from scorn
I will open up the world then
I will let us shine out

If we rebuild our bridges
To the heart of where we came
Our throats will be raw from singing
We’ll find our voice; our name
If love can become new again
I will give it a try
We can heal back our world then
We can shine through the night

The author's comments:
Just an expression of what I think is happening to music in our world today... It's open for personal interpretation, though. Make it mean whatever you want it to.

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