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Dear liveing room dance floor:

November 7, 2009
By Madeline.Pearl PLATINUM, Smithville, Texas
Madeline.Pearl PLATINUM, Smithville, Texas
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Dear Livening room dance floor,
Thanks for all the help
Its you i Adore, Not letting me forget.

You where there When the music got slow
you where there when i didnt know.
my emotions tangled in the music, while my feet through a fit.
It was you who made me make it through this.

When i was alone, your faithfulness shown.
Every day when i came home-
I would let the music race through the house,
And jump on the couch.
Oh Dear livening room dance floor.
You make me feel fine.
Pounding the speakers makes me loose my mind.
Loose all those thoughts that take to much TIME....

I cant take it. I cant handle.
what life has to trough at me.
But you... I believe Helps me.
through. all this S**t..
Dear liveing room dance floor
Though your not like others
you dont flash with crazy lights, or colors
you turn my heart from black to bright.
you dont have a DJ,
but your tunes are right
I couldnt live without you...
Dear Freind
It no time for pretend.
You are my outtage.
My escape
from this place.
you are my only way
to get my brain to stay...
Dear liveing room dance floor.
for all those days.
when i needed to cry
thanks for never asking why
thanks for letting me fall
thanks for looking at what others never saw
thanks for proving that if i tried i could
Do anything.
Dance floor.. theres one thing though. Why did i have to go.
My feet buckled out from under me.
And i could dance no more.
I still come to you and just sit.
And the music rises how could i resit.
I only dance with you now.
Dear Liveing room dance floor..
I have to go. the music at an all time low.

The author's comments:
It's a slow song usual played on piano, or acoustic guitar

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