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After the Apocalypse

October 16, 2009
By CrystalClosure GOLD, Hudsonville, Michigan
CrystalClosure GOLD, Hudsonville, Michigan
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"We are all like snowfakes, beautiful and fragile. Though our purpose is simple and our lives are short, we shall make the most of what we have been given."

Deadly scilence all around, the crowd is screaming, but I don't... Hear a sound.
Lips are moving eyes are tearing heads are bowed in prayer...
but nothing's there.
Emotions rage like tigers caged the prison of their souls...
hold hands of gold!
My eyes are dry while theirs are sobbing,
My heart is scilent while theirs are sobbing,
Their mortal souls are breaking while mine is strong!
Sing along through the pain, let our teardrops fall...
like rain.
Don't be ashamed take my hand it's not your fault...
Please understand!
(end of chours)
Memories of a happy past come to haunt you...
for one last laugh.
I will avenge the ones you've lost although more bloodshed is...
the cost.
I'll hold you tight thourgh out the night, dark and light is such a...
So through this nightmare hold on to your soul with all your might, Although you might be in fright, hang on to darkness or light...
into this beautiful night.

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on Dec. 8 2009 at 8:28 am
silver_tear_drops GOLD, Muskegon, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
one day you might see all the pain you brought me and how i loved you still ~Faith Frye~

i rele like this one i almost cried i can rele feel their pain and then your strength