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End it

November 19, 2022
By Sai_Singh117 SILVER, Mumbai, Other
Sai_Singh117 SILVER, Mumbai, Other
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End it

I am trapped,

Someone helps me

Please I’ve been attacked.

I never thought it would go this far

Something is taking over….

My scars.


I’ve been so suppressed,

By my own self.

The wound is buried deep inside me

I wanna hang myself underneath a tree.

I couldn’t believe when he said what I was to him

Pale-blue blisters

My feet have been so sore

I cant stop hurting myself

Someone save me from this gore.


I’ve been locked inside my whole life

The demons haven’t stopped haunting me

It has now gotten out of control

Someone just set me free.

I couldn’t do what they expected

I couldn’t save myself from this misery

It is watching me

And lurking in silence.


I can’t let it go

Just wanna shoot myself

Just wanna end it

The demons won’t go

They keep dashing into me.

Someone save me

Someone save meeeee…..

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