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Come Back To Me

November 15, 2022
By Ambiguous101 GOLD, Baxter, Minnesota
Ambiguous101 GOLD, Baxter, Minnesota
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Pain is Weakness Leaving the Body

Why do I keep thinking of you

I try to focus on other things

But I can't

I think of you and it stings

My heart beats for you

It races at the thought of your name

God I just want you back

Without you, there's so much pain

I know you don't want me

Not the way I want you

You don't want me in any possible way

To think I had a chance, I was a fool

I want to grasp your hand

I want to taste the sweetness of your lips

I want to hold you under the stars

I want to get lost in your kiss

I want to know you more

I want grow old with you

I want to watch your every move in a game

I want you to want me too

You're so beautiful

And funny

And brilliant

To even know you, I'm lucky

Come back to me

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