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Bike Path

November 14, 2022
By lucasmlines SILVER, Redondo Beach, California
lucasmlines SILVER, Redondo Beach, California
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Where do I go?

How far up until I know

Feel all on my own

Hope for joy when I’m alone.

As I stroll down

The long hill

All I see 

Is my town


No one around

It Feels like 


Waving at me just be like


Flashing by me

Then  I wander

This road

That I

Feel no longer

Has hope and

The truth

For one to ponder

So I hopped off

And ran down

Towards the meadow

See I know where I’m going

I’m simply not there

Through these fields

Through these streets.

I’m don’t appear here

Life isn’t so clear.

So let me know. 

The author's comments:

The lyrics originate from my experience through life through the metaphor of biking down a hill and into a town. Multiple metaphors are also used in the lyrics to flashes of memories I have and the self dilemma I face if I see my future easily or is not as clear as expected. Just like life sometimes, the song is sad yet hopeful at the same time. 

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