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Starry Nights

December 14, 2021
By Bumble_Bee PLATINUM, New Athens, Illinois
Bumble_Bee PLATINUM, New Athens, Illinois
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These days, I tend to think about camp a lot,

it’s my favorite recurring afterthought. 

At camp, I had so much fun, and my tics weren’t bad, 

And me and Ceila helped those who missed their mom or their dad. 

I remember always having conversations before bed below the twinkling stars,

I swear the sky was so full, which I’m sure included Mars. 

Those starry nights may have ended, 

But I’ll never forget about those days I attended.

Just take me back to those Starry Nights,

Back to when I collected bug bites. 

Back to when the moon was our light. 

Back at Brebeuf, our beloved campsite.

Take me back to when the soothing sounds of nature sang us to sleep,

Where the friendships that were formed ran so deep.

We sang and talked all night on those starry nights, 

Those moments are some of the greatest highlights. 

Talking to people I barely knew, 

Who would’ve guessed that those friendships grew? 

Starry nights with some of my favorite friends,

I may have been so tired, but I never wanted it to end. 

Talking about our futures, what we’d do tomorrow, and so much more, 

Whispering quietly, but louder than the cicadas, because there was no door. 

Even though there was a “curse” on cabin 6, 

It was nothing the counselors or nurse couldn’t fix! 

I miss those starry nights all the time,

When we were a big family at Brebeuf in the summertime.

The author's comments:

Just a little camp about Camp O <33 I miss camp so much, and I'm so happy I'm still in touch with most of them. Although there are still 2 others from cabin 6 that I can't find, I have hope that I'll find hummingbird and mushroom someday!! 

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on Jan. 3 2022 at 9:27 pm
Moonbeams_and_Melodies SILVER, Simpsonville, South Carolina
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"Why is it that the words we write for ourselves are better than the words we write for others?" -Finding Forrester

Stars and sky imagery <333

Afra ELITE said...
on Dec. 28 2021 at 9:07 pm
Afra ELITE, Kandy, Other
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"A writer must never be short of ideas."
-Gabriel Agreste- (Fictional character- Miraculous)

This poem is wonderful and I have camped only twice in my whole life...But, I see silhouettes of those memories when I read your poem...

Meanwhile, check out my recent poem...

Lydiaq ELITE said...
on Dec. 16 2021 at 7:35 pm
Lydiaq ELITE, Somonauk, Illinois
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The universe must be a teenage girl. So much darkness, so many stars.

ooh I love camping too...I love stars, I had a spiritual experience when I was camping last summer and looking at the moon and stars.