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February 4, 2021
By Nicklebackrules BRONZE, Canyon Lake, Texas
Nicklebackrules BRONZE, Canyon Lake, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
Everything I need to be is me because that is all I've ever been.

I look into the mirror and what do I see.
A mother, a daughter, and a sister starring back at me.
My reflection shows me everything.
And everything I need to be is me.
I don't care what you think you see.
I only care what I see in me.
And what I see is someone strong who can handle most anything.
You could throw me in the mud but I'll get back up again.
The bruises you give me only make me stronger.
I see someone who is confident.
If I need to take a stand then you better steer clear of me.
Cause I won't take your sh*t anymore.
I won't let you tear me down.
I won't let you use me, and I won't let you abuse me.
I refuse to let you wash me down the drain like all- the rest.
I am brave, I am confident, I am unique no matter what you say.
I am me.
I'm everything I wanna be.
Yes, I have my flaws
Being too emotional
Jumping to conclusions and
Flying off the handle way too soon.
But I ain't gonna change.
No, I ain't gonna change.
And you can't make me feel bad for being me.
You can't put me down anymore.
You can't treat me like your tool.
You can't hurt me anymore.
I may not be your ideal princess but I'm who I want to be.
So just try and push me down.
I dare you.
It's not like you ever wanted me anyway.
I've always been your tool.
You used me as a sitter
You used me as your cleaner
You used me against my father.
You Dirty Hoe
Now that I am with my Daddy you don't seem to care.
It's all about that money that you're losin.
Now that your control has been broken.
You don't care about me no.
You don't care about me.
All your doing is trying to get rid of me. I must've meant nothing to you.
If you really cared about me then why was I treated like a trophy.
I wasn't meant to be won.
I only wanted your love.
Why was that so hard for you?
I've begged and I've pleaded what more do you want?
I've always listened to you so what have I been doing wrong?
Tell me, what have I been doing wrong?
Is it the fact that I'm finally doing something for myself?
Is it the fact that you can't control my every move?
Is it the fact that I ain't your puppet no more?
It is the fact that I finally cut those strings.
I won't let you hold me back.
I won't let you tell me what not to be. Because I'm just gonna be
I'm just gonna be me.

The author's comments:

I wrote this song/poem when my mother disowned me for getting pregnant young. After she had already been physically and mentally abusing me my whole life with my stepfather.

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jacobhouston said...
on May. 3 at 4:20 pm
jacobhouston, Boston, Massachusetts
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Wow ohhhh wow this title really intrigued me - this piece is so lovely and meaningful and really left me wondering in the best way!! u r so talented and i cannot wait to read more from you!! sending all my love <33