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My youth's getting destroyed

June 3, 2019
By Hamnah BRONZE, Lahore, Other
Hamnah BRONZE, Lahore, Other
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My youth's getting destroyed
I've been cleaning all the noise
I've been tryina shut the voice
They keep telling them to die

My youth's getting destroyed
They keep telling us we're spoiled
They don't know that we're not one
We keep lying "i am fine"

My youth's getting destroyed
I don't know how must I show
I don't wanna see them cry
I just want to make em live

My youth's getting destroyed
We no longer know the line
We're supposed to be just fine
This is how we must survive

But my youth's getting destroyed
They keep thinking that they're worthless
They don't know that they are worth it
They don't know that they are loved

The author's comments:

I always have thought about others and always have wanted to become voice for the silent. My sister and cousin are both toppers in their class and both have anxiety. And then I've noticed how many people specially teens are suffering from depression. The night before I wrote this song my freind who's like a sister to me told me that she has started hearing voices that tell her she is worthless. I really wanted her to help but I couldn't offer her anything but my words since she lives on the other side of the world. I wanted to hug her. Wanted to tell her that I'm with her. So basically the song was originated from her.

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