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January 25, 2019
By Madison-Abigail-White BRONZE, Independence, Oregon
Madison-Abigail-White BRONZE, Independence, Oregon
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"No other Success can compensate for failure in the home"

I feel like the sky is falling, I feel like my walls are tumbling down, I call you but you never answer. Your face is glued to a screen, I feel like I might scream. My mind is running round, feel like I’m being drowned. I Thought we’d be forever. You act like you are playing a game, but it's my life every day, You act like Video games are real life, like you have unlimited lives. You say you'll get it right next time. You thought we’d be forever. We thought we’d be forever, truth is we were never, All this time… We were living a lie….. Best to just move and pretend that we were never.

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