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Is being nice such a new and groundbreaking idea?

November 30, 2015
By anothergreektragedy PLATINUM, Pembroke, Massachusetts
anothergreektragedy PLATINUM, Pembroke, Massachusetts
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Just laugh

You know people kind of stink
Even some adult people don’t think
Of equality as worthy
Some people just play outright dirty
Giving the love to some
And a whole lot of hate to the supposed scum
I don’t understand this prioritizing
Of who deserves criticizing
Why don’t you consider a different way
I have a brand new concept for you today
It’s called kindness
You missed it during your time experiencing blindness
To the entire world around you so it’s time to wake up
Time for you and your medieval mindset to breakup
Maybe even question why
I bet you could find out if you try
Just look for some reasons
To explain why friendliness can come and go like seasons
Well if you’ve read this far
I suppose i could tell you what the solutions are
The answers lie in this ink

The author's comments:

Some people don't understand that the other bodies around them are human too, emotions and all.

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