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Myriads of Haiku

March 15, 2013
By BehindSapphireEyes SILVER, Bullock, North Carolina
BehindSapphireEyes SILVER, Bullock, North Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
"Everyone wants to be the sun that lights up your life. But I'd rather be your moon, so I can shine on you during your darkest hour when your sun isn't around."


What was there is gone.
I stare blindly in darkness.
The sun will return.

The Tree

The tree's bare branches
reach to the sky as if they
want something up there.


Can you see them all?
Flying, soaring in the sky
catching the raindrops?

No, I don't see them.
What are you referring to?
You are so strange!

Why can't you see them?
They're flying above you!
Wings as bright as gold!

Petals of Time

Petals of time fell
Hours by hours around me
Killing time forever

Christmas Magic

Christmas snow falling
Glistening in the sun’s light
Magic's everywhere

Snowy Night

Crystalline snowflakes
Glinting as they dance about
Blanketing the night

A Fox

A flick of a tail
Flashes of eyes in the dark
A fox! Vanishes


Seething eyes of ice
Billowing robe, scythe in hand
Death is upon me


Tick tock goes the clock
Minutes, seconds flying by
Killing time forever

The author's comments:
A collection of all of my Haiku so far. I hope y'all like them!

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