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Picking Flowers

May 18, 2018
By Evangeline_ GOLD, Middleburg, Florida
Evangeline_ GOLD, Middleburg, Florida
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My body is like a rose petal
Beautiful and strong

I had to hold him
Before he could run away

His mouth sounded sour
When he said he loved the sun behind clouds

I was born in Blooms & bear, a flower shop
Picked by Timothee himself

My body is not a rose petal
Its weak and broken

I love growing out of the ground
Feeling the dirt and water against my skin

Lol I would never love myself
Without your hands

My hands are always dirty
So I never wash my body of you

The fishes swam in the mud
Of my body, broken and dead

The blue water of death
Told me in my ears that I was important

Walking on lava it cools my feet
It’s cold but warm, like drinking hot tea
With ice cubes in it

Timothee always said he could fly
I never believed him until he touched the sky

Petal always cried
She missed her home
Wanted her love to come back down from the sky

I purpose it will end like this
Everything dies in the end

I’m always yellow in the end
Anger for my man

I should chop leafs and die
He never loved me
Who could love a broken flower like this?

Je t'aime, pourquoi tu ne peux pas m'aimer en retour

Sitting on a table the book looks hungry for my brain
I do not feed it
There is nothing to give it

Roots held into the ground
Petals blowing in the wind
Why did you pick me?


The author's comments:

My writing teacher gave us this werid assignment and this is the outcome of it. You might understand it you might not but I love it. 

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