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The Seed of Our Love

May 14, 2018
By Evangeline_ GOLD, Middleburg, Florida
Evangeline_ GOLD, Middleburg, Florida
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Apricot juice
Stood tall on the table
Half drunk
In the small lake next to me
He swam
Him swimming in the cold freezing icy blue water

Watching him
Was like looking at a golden fish
Swimming in its own icy blue eyes 

Bare feet
I walk down the aisle of grape vines
Laced inside with fresh mangos, peach, apricot and orange tress

The smell,
Fresh fruit found its way up my nose
Down my throat reaching for my taste buds

In front of a peach tree
I think of him, the memories that will soon leave me
Just as he will

The softest peach, biting into it
Liquids rush out of my mouth
Down my chin
To my neck

It was cold but warm
It felt like the first time he kissed me, confusing
It felt like that lake, icy blue burning water, calming

I curled my feet in the dirt
Dug myself a home
I wont ever forget this
Even if he does

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