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<winter has joined the chat>

May 16, 2018
By WinterSunSummerSnow SILVER, Miami, Florida
WinterSunSummerSnow SILVER, Miami, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
I mean what I think, I don't think what I say.

u guys up 4 a game of cards against humanity
heck ya
nice job
that was fun
ur such great friends

(scribble scribble)

Internet friends are real to me. On the Internet, you either become yourself because you’re not scared of judgement, or you become a completely different person.

Either way, some of my best friends are Internet friends.


r we gonna have 2 leave
what do we do
we stand up

dont do this

sux 2 b u lol

That July, we were thrown into a new room with new roommates.

We became friends with these new roommates eventually, but even then there was always a certain tension.

I like to tell myself that’s why I left, but I know my motives.

I didn’t leave because of tension.

I left because of boredom.

The new place was so boring. We could only go back home for a quick meal or two, and the food had gone bad. We could hardly adapt to the new rate of change, so we sped up the joint.

We probably scared some people away.

the unforgiving passage of time

Winter has joined the chat.

remember me
im the one who liked pokemon
oh yeah
woah its been so long
hiya winter
heya rockzerz
yo citz


And so, we talked for a bit.


remember that one time
yeah that was hilarious

(but then the time)


And then.


so how r u guys hOLding up


wut do u mean lol


well i mean not much has changed


oh r u still salty about that


lol i was pretty salty back then too


You’ve changed.
Why haven’t I?
Why have I still not


yo winter
waddup man

(the jam club is still losing)

dont u guys remember
the way we felt
the way we tried 2 stop him
and even tho we failed
we became closer than ever
(but winter is finally a head)
coz we stuck together
i thought that u guys
would b able 2 stick together
without me

(drifting away)

Nonsense, little hermit crab.

Go get in



cya tomorrow

Yeah, right.

I have
the attention
span of
a (g)nat.
Do you really think I’ll remember to come back?

(will you even wanna come back)

i miss u ;-;

but im never coming back

Winter has left the chat.

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