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Help for the dead in love

April 3, 2018
By The_Fanged_Book_Worm GOLD, Norfolk, Nebraska
The_Fanged_Book_Worm GOLD, Norfolk, Nebraska
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“You have to write the book that wants to be written. And if the book will be too difficult for grown-ups, then you write it for children.”
― Madeleine L'Engle

I need help today
And on the day after
Farther and farther
Off onto eternity
I see you
At me
A sun lights up the sky in lemon yellow glee
And again
In the hallway
Dirty gray clouds retreat
To reveal a bright blue
Snowing butterflies and flowers


My dreams are filled with

Friends and rainbows
Replacing the fear that
And i wake to a new dawn
I will see you today!

You spoke to me today
Stiff and awkward
Not at all what i expected
But I had heard
your voice before
Of course
You said
And then my name
You know my name!
I never realized
I guess
That you see me too

Last night,
In my dreams,
We had ice cream
I want to tell you
We ate Ice cream!
I realize you might not even like it
I know very little about you.
Only you
Your eyes and your blond brown hair
Your name
Your smile

You asked me about homework today
I giggled
Silly i replied
I have done homework opon homework
For years and years
And my parents don’t care
Not anymore
My downcast eyes tell you all you need to know

The fear returns tonight
Under the happy bunny puppy dreams
Boiling over
Oozing over my carefully crafted cheerfulness
The radiator I sleep next to every night
seems to sense my distress
She hums in a calming lullaby
Rocking me to sleep
You tell me your stories
Someone pushed you down the stairs
He will miss his homework today
And the next
And the next
And the next

You read me books in the library
Charlotte's web
One and only, Ivan
Flora & ulysses
Stories, stories, stories
The exact sound of gold

You are not here today
I am worried
Memories of red
My red
Spilt on white linoleum
And oh
Oh Does my head ever hurt

I don’t remember much from yesterday
You were not here
You ask what assignments you missed
I check over your face
For signs of pain
Or trouble
You say a cold

Yes a cold
Stomach bug
Many many excuses
To excuse the inexcusable
To figure how to hide the new scars

Flashes of blood

Deep punctuated gasps
He went to far
I can’t
I can’t
I can’t
I can’t

The Radiator Hummmmms
I float
Pail as ever
My translucent skin a poor shield from the cold
It permeates in the spot
I believe to be my soul
Under my coat
In the hole
His knife cut into my lung
Forcing me
To live Like this-no
This is not life
I would find him
End him but
I would miss you
I don’t know how
You can see me but
You do
Because of that

I love you

The author's comments:

Many teenage girls across the world know what is is like to be physically abused. For years or forever until they can learn to stand up for themselves. This girl never got the chance.

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