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March 23, 2018
By angpuglia SILVER, Deer Park, New York
angpuglia SILVER, Deer Park, New York
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i’ve been stumped today
today has been really sucky
what else about today
well i mean
nothing good
i dont really know if what ive been writing
is poetry
or the heart of a teenage girl
but i guess
no one really had the guts to speak out
teenage girls are mean
and they lie
sometimes about the stupidest things
they say hurtful things to crap on other people
because that makes them look
i would know
im a teenage girl
just another 16 year old female
with too much estrogen that she has no idea
what to do with it
i hope you feel this too
i hope my words
could make you feel something
you havent felt in a long time
something better then the sad
dreading thoughts in your head
someone recently told me
what the phrase “pouring salt into an open wound” meant
i thought its pretty accurate
for us
all the girls that go to high school
or the girls who skip high school
or the girls who have been sucked into the streets
or the houses they do bad things to girls in
this is for ALL of us
because we need to get up
we need to stop watching ourselves suffer,
other girls too
speak out
like im doing
its so so so hard
but i will help you
take my hand
and don’t forget
how beautiful you are
and dont let society tell you different
help each other
stop hurting each other
please and thank you
now say
“i love you”
but not to me, to yourself

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