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guys [you] wish [you] never met before

March 21, 2018
By ariellamendes17 GOLD, South Salem, New York
ariellamendes17 GOLD, South Salem, New York
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Pain is temporary. Quitting is forever.

10 ~ he stays up all night to talk to you, but he never calls.  you know he's thinking about calling her.  

9 ~ he loved your body, even though you hate it.  told you you were beautiful for everything. he fell in love with your best friend with a perfect body.  you knew he never meant it.

8 ~ he wrote you a poem.  he drew you a rose.  he said 'i think you should stop calling.' you framed the drawing.

7 ~ he was the one the other girls wanted.  and he picked you.  he was the one who would lie to go see you. you got left on read.

6 ~ he still says he loves you. he does drugs and hurts himself.  you thought you could fix him.  you were wrong. 

5 ~ he calls you every morning and every night. he held your hand when no one else would. 

4 ~ he was your first kiss.  you never wanted him to be. 

3 ~ he's the one you never thought would love you.  you were right. 

2 ~ he doesn't even exist.

1 ~ he died last month.  

0 ~ he's the one.  

The author's comments:

I was very inspired by the piece girls [you] wish [you] never met before by Clem Turner.  I decided to make one of these style poems inspired by that but I made the gender swapped.  I know not everyone can relate to these people but I have.  

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on May. 14 2018 at 3:57 pm
ShrivastavaM SILVER, Delhi, Other
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Be yourself no matter what

Omg your poems are masterpiece