February 21, 2018
By JamesStory PLATINUM, Baltimore, Maryland
JamesStory PLATINUM, Baltimore, Maryland
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"It’s none of their business that you have to learn to write. Let them think you were born that way." -Ernest Hemingway

I would really like to see inside the sea, a magical creature that’s what I would like to see. I know it is improbable but listen to me. If I have an imagination I can just believe. My father said this is impossible to every happen. Listen father, “if you have an imagination I said if you have an imagination, just believe it’s almost a guarantee!”
All the kids at school tease me, for having an imagination to believe in the sea. I told them “I have an imagination, I said I have an imagination.” “Oh why America can’t you listen to me?” I told my whole school about this new imagination I had. They said it was a dream I had, and no one would listen to me.
One more chance, I said one more chance I had, to prove to thee my new imagination I can see. The sea felt cool and strong on my ghostly pale face, so I jumped in and felt the nice cool breeze. The dolphins ringed there beautiful noise into my ear, and I said to them, oh I said to them what I believed! “I said I had this imagination, I said I had this imagination, to see a magical creature in the sea.”
The dolphins flopped down into the wavy waving waves, and that was how I knew they didn’t believe. So I said “Oh why! Won’t anyone listen to me, I can’t have a dream that someone will believe with me?”
But then my eyes were suddenly hooked to a magical beast into the cold cool sea, my dream had finally came true! I said “believe!” “Believe!” I knew I had to believe! The burning fire in my heart would keep me free from being cold. “I said my imagination was all I need, I said my imagination was all I need!” I dived into the water to become thee. It was glorious. The crisp nature of the underwater, was all I need!
I said “yippee, yippee!” The water used all its strength to keep me down, but I didn’t care it was too beautiful to even care. I screamed and yelled “oh my! Oh my!” I said I screamed and yelled “oh my! Oh my!” The water strangled me and everything, but now it was time for the water to take me and push me all around.

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