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Love In school

February 2, 2018
By Breezette DIAMOND, Uniontown, Arkansas
Breezette DIAMOND, Uniontown, Arkansas
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Every Time I even think of you, all those bad memories just fade away, 'cause your smile's enough, you're enough...

What is this feeling
it's so hard to describe
My mouth smiles widely
nearly shutting my eyes
He waves a proper wave
and I slowly melt inside
why does it have to be so hard
for me to speak my mind
I turn away in confusion
as my heart beat is normal
I wish that i could tell him how i feel
and not be so goddamn formal
"Hey Jack I really like you
your smile makes me melt
I wish you would ask me out
with something as heartfelt"
I look down in my hands
and they're warm from the sweat
I really didn't think that i'd
be quite this nervous yet
"Samantha," he calls my name
and I slowly turn towards him
I look right into his eyes
and I could see the love within
"I know that i'm not much,
And that this is a cruel world,
but if you'd be so kind as to,
be my baby girl?"
He grabs my hand and smiles
and My heart does a little flop
"wherever this world takes us, just know,
My love for you won't stop."

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