Butterfly Net

February 8, 2018
By jsicka BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
jsicka BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
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The intangible podium longs for someone to cling 
Makes the stomach churn and whimper
Judgments burn gossamer wings
And the butterfly net longs to tear at a weak body, getting limper

The butterfly net was a foretold fright
Dad sedated to escape infliction
But she let it loom in all its might
Threatening to suffocate any diction

Her tongue was set to elude the net
A recurring battle, leaving the body numb
Often complacent but could now not fret
Voice would not turn into the net’s pawn

Wings stretched out and stiffened to a tune
The net could not detect hesitation
It become greedy over this, swinging like a loon
Anxious to put the voice to cessation

Four breathes in, seven breathes out
Tongue and voice were regal and just
Once-fragile wings bloomed with a flout
The net combusted, leaving only benign dust

Peers witnessed such gold and valiance
The professor even swooned at the sight
A wallflower slew a predator that once left her powerless
Where even her father ended in plight

The author's comments:

My teacher told us to slay one of our nemesis or fears. 

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