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February 6, 2018
By JesseR. BRONZE, Austin, Texas
JesseR. BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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"The world keeps spinning. Time goes on."
-My cousin Alicia.

I do not get to watch, passive, as the towers fall.

No, I am the towers,

destroyed by my own creator,

and I tried so hard to hold up the heights.

I became my own Atlas,

because he who was had left me,

in the rubbles of my own defeat.

And everyday, those who don’t know,

they stack the stones higher.

Stable, they think,

and each day brings more and more bricks.


They couldn’t of seen their work,

knocked down each eve,

nor known how I worked each night

rebuilding what they had placed.

No, they shall not see,

until the blocks had been ground to dust,

and I spend the hours mourning for my own mind.

No, they shall not see.

They shall not see.

I will not let them see

The author's comments:

High school is fricking stressful, guys

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