February 3, 2018
By Mystical_Peony SILVER, Seattle, Washington
Mystical_Peony SILVER, Seattle, Washington
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"A flower doesn't compete with the flower next to it, it just blooms." -Zen Shin

I wish
That I had never
Started running
Because now that I've
Stepped onto this treadmill
I can't stop
Each year
The speed increases
Along with the stress
On my tired muscles
Each step is there
Because it will help you get
To the next
The future is so
Strongly imbedded in our way of life
That we barely acknowledge
The present
That's why we have to
Find things we are passionate about
That are not just checking off boxes
We’re just doing well in middle school
So that we get into a good high school
So that we get into a good college,
A good grad school
And that good education
Will land us a high-paying career
So that we can support a family
And lead a happy life
But at that point
You've been running for so long
That the stress has made
A lasting impression
On your muscles, your mind, your lifestyle
Even when you've retired
You can't relax
You are too focused on
Making sure that you've saved enough money
That you family is okay
That everyone is happy
But what about you?
Are you happy?
Or are you just tired?
Maybe it's time to turn off the treadmill
To stop running
To clear your mind

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