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January 29, 2018
By BlondePoet GOLD, Columbia Heights, Minnesota
BlondePoet GOLD, Columbia Heights, Minnesota
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blithely bumbling around the gallery,
Gogh's muse hums a mellifluous melody,
perfecting the sirens' serenade.

aim to imitate him–
attempt to capture
his golden hues.
with a satin jacket
stained by sulfur
and a crown adorned
with canary down,
he's yellow pigment
he beams,
and blossoms bloom for him–
bloom for him.

is he sunshine?

he rests on the bench
beside me, warming my skin
with his rays–
feelings soon to fade;
he extracts a switch blade
and incises the wood with profanities,
desecrating this temple of treasures–
a temple created for him.

i wipe honey from my lips and
dab vinegar on my wrists–
drain reverence from my eyes
and withdraw into myself
like withering wisterias.

he makes a buzzing sound in my ear; i flinch.

grazing the honey bee inked on my wrist, he asks,
"why do you fear the creatures you adore?"

i gaze solemnly into his eyes
and my tongue, heavy with premonition, replies,
"because my beloveds brandish the longest knives."

The author's comments:

philophobia (n.) the fear of falling in love or emotional attachment

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