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My Achilles Heart

January 23, 2018
By ariellamendes17 GOLD, South Salem, New York
ariellamendes17 GOLD, South Salem, New York
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Pain is temporary. Quitting is forever.

I loved you with everything I had left
I loved you with all my heart
I loved you more than anyone ever
I loved you… I love you
I don’t understand where we went wrong
What I did to make you so distant
I’m sorry I’m not Prettier
Than her

Her eyes that you drew a picture of
That you dreamed of
That you wish were here instead of mine

You can tell me you’re sorry
And that you didn’t mean to hurt me
And that I should focus on myself
But the day I met you, I gave myself away       to you
I’m sorry if you regret it
I’m sorry if you want to take it back
I’m sorry it was me
It’s not your fault
It’s not her fault
It might be my fault
But it’s not

It’s the men who silenced me before you
Who told me ‘Women should be seen and not heard.’
Its okay
Its fine
I’m used to it

The black and blue body suit
The scarlet-stained clothes
The fracture beneath my breast

So don’t worry about what you did to me,
It’s not like my Achilles’ heart was going to last forever



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